Tommy was D.J.'s husband and worked in the fire department. In the episode "Our Very First Show, Again", it is revealed he passed away in the line of duty. It is told by D.J. that he loved being a firefighter, and that he died doing what he loved: saving lives.

In the episode "Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks", Tommy can be seen in a picture Max shows his friends. He was sitting on a fire truck with Jackson next to him. Due to all this, he is one of the mystery characters in Fuller House.

  • D.J. Tanner-Fuller (wife)
  • Jackson Fuller (son)
  • Max Fuller (son)
  • Tommy Fuller, Jr. (son)
  • Danny Tanner (father-in-law)
  • Stephanie Tanner (sister-in-law)
  • Michelle Tanner (sister-in-law)
  • Jesse Katsopolis (uncle-in-law)
  • Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis (aunt-in-law)