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Steve Hale
General Information
Gender: male
Age: 17-18 (Season 6)

18-19 (Season 7)

19-20 (Season 8)

Hair Color: black
Birthday: October 20, 1975
Family & Friends
Relationships: D.J. Tanner (girlfriend)
Series Information
First appearance: "Sisters in Crime"
Last appearance: "A House Divided" (regular)

"Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)" (cameo)

Portrayer: Scott Weinger

Steve Hale is a recurring character (played by Scott Weinger). He is D.J.'s boyfriend, and is usually the reason for the Tanners' empty refrigerator, if not for Kimmy. Explained by D.J., "Steve's a wrestler. He needs his strength." His first appearance is in "Sisters in Crime". On their first night out, two others tagged along—Michelle and Stephanie. Steve is nice to the entire family.


Steve season 6
Steve season 7
Steve season 8