Season 6
Country of origin: United States
No. of episodes: 24
Original channel: ABC
Original run: September 22, 1992 – May 18, 1993
Home video release
DVD release date: March 27, 2007
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Season six of the family sitcom Full House originally aired on ABC from September 22, 1992 to May 18, 1993.


In season six, Danny proposes to Vicky as she gladly accepts. Jesse and Joey are both fired from their daytime jobs and instead become radio hosts on the show "Rush Hour Renegades", which eventually turns into a success. Rebecca also has to deal with Jesse's recent climb to stardom as he tours Japan with his band for the first half of the season. D.J. goes from 15 to 16 years old and gets her first real boyfriend, Steve Hale begins his senior year in high school; Michelle is 6 years old and starts first grade; and Stephanie is 10 years old and is in fifth grade. Nicky and Alex are also a year old.

Main characters Edit

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Episodes Edit

# Image Title Date Aired
"Come Fly With Me"
September 22, 1992

The family awaits D.J.'s return from her trip to Spain. D.J. tells her family she has a big surprise for them, only it turns out to be her new boyfriend, which is a concern to Danny. Stephanie and Michelle are not amused by Steve and after a boring summer, they decide to have some fun by illegally sneaking onto a plane to New Zealand.

"The Long Goodbye"
September 29, 1992

Michelle attempts to "kidnap" her best friend, Teddy (Tahj Mowry), when she finds out that he is moving to Texas. Meanwhile, Vicky gets a new job in Chicago, and Danny is making important decisions on how they will maintain a long-distance relationship.

"Road to Tokyo"
October 6, 1992

Jesse's song "Forever" is number 1 on the music charts—in Japan; but the pleasures of Jesse's stardom affect Becky in a negative way, and Jesse gets offered a year-long tour across the Pacific. Meanwhile, D.J. tries tries to help Kimmy run for student body president.

"Radio Days"
October 13, 1992

Jesse and Joey are offered jobs as afternoon radio DJs, but when Joey makes jokes about Jesse, they start arguing with each other. Meanwhile, Joey deals with Mr. Strowbridge's wife as a partner, and Stephanie's short story has characters that are closely related to D.J. and Steve.

"Lovers and Other Tanners"
October 20, 1992

D.J. forgets all her priorities when her relationship with Steve begins to grow, causing Danny to forbid them from seeing each other. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey debut their radio show Rush Hour Renegades, although Jesse comes down with a cold right before the show.

"Educating Jesse"
October 27, 1992

D.J. and Kimmy launch a "Stay in School" campaign and ask Jesse to compose a song for it, but Jesse declines. When asked why not, he admits that would be hypocritical to do so as he dropped out of high school, but their campaign has inspired him to earn his GED. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to learn how to tie her shoes.

"Trouble in Twin Town"
November 10, 1992

Becky's rich cousins, Dick and Donna Donaldson, come to visit with their twin daughters, and are going to enter them in a local "Best Twins" contest. The twins are brats, and Dick and Donna won't stop insulting Jesse, which prompts him to enter Nicky and Alex into the contest so that he can beat them.

"The Play's the Thing"
November 17, 1992

Jesse and Joey direct Michelle's play, "Yankee Doodle", and Michelle really wants to play the lead role of Yankee Doodle because both of her sisters played the part when they were her age. Jesse and Joey choose her, but the last person to audition is clearly better than Michelle, so Jesse and Joey pick Derek and Michelle is infuriated. Meanwhile, Danny tries to spend time with Nicky and Alex because Michelle is growing up.

"Nice Guys Finish First"
November 24, 1992

Joey plans to play in a charity hockey game, but Herschel "Stonewall" Binkley comes back to hassle Joey with a bad memory that Joey would much rather forget. Meanwhile, Michelle is scared by Goatboy and Muttman stories, and gets more afraid when Joey starts acting aggressive.

"I'm Not D.J."
December 1, 1992

Stephanie wants badly to get her ears pierced after seeing two of her peers with pierced ears, but Danny thinks she is not ready yet because D.J. did not get her ears pierced until starting junior high school. Tired of being babied and doing everything the same as D.J. did, Stephanie makes a big mistake by letting Kimmy pierce her ears and they become infected. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex get their first haircut at Joey's Uncle Jasper's (Dave Coulier) barber shop.

"Designing Mothers"
December 8, 1992

Vicky's mother re-decorates Stephanie and Michelle's room, but Danny is not ready to change his ways or his environment. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey get a new boss, which frightens them.

"A Very Tanner Christmas"
December 15, 1992

The Tanners celebrate Christmas, only for D.J. to find out that Steve is planning to move to Florida for college, upon graduating. Meanwhile, Becky misses having white Christmases in Nebraska, and Jesse takes Stephanie and Michelle to a homeless shelter to show them the real meaning of Christmas.

"The Dating Game"
January 5, 1993

Stephanie "goes out" with a friend, thinking that it is an actual date. Stephanie gets nervous and decides to read a teen magazine to help her. Her date turns out to be a get-together with the boy's baseball team. Stephanie get embarrassed so she decides to follow D.J. Meanwhile, Joey has a crush on his boss at the radio station, so Jesse sets up a date for them.

"Birthday Blues"
January 19, 1993

Preoccupied by celebrating her six months with Steve, D.J. forgets about Kimmy's 16th birthday, so a last-minute party in concocted with the help of her family. Steve accidentally tells Kimmy that D.J. put the party together in 15 minutes.

"Be True to Your Preschool"
January 26, 1993

Jesse lies on an application for the twins to get into an exclusive pre-school, but he has to think fast when the school says that they are interested. Kimmy gets her driver's license, and the girls end up getting locked out of her brother's car, "The Wild Thing".

"The Heartbreak Kid"
February 9, 1993

Steve gives Michelle a Valentine's Day cookie, which leads to her believing that Steve wants to marry her. However, after a cute mock ceremony, Michelle discovers it is not the real thing, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to figure out how to use a computer and Danny and Joey reminisce about an old flame.

"Silence is Not Golden"
February 16, 1993

Stephanie is paired up with her nemesis Charles on a school project. He comes to her house to work on it and Stephanie finds out that his father physically abuses him, but she is sworn to secrecy. Meanwhile, Michelle has been calling her funny buddy on the phone without her father's permission after she and Denise were watching a funny joke ad knowing it costs $2.00 a minute. The next day, Charles is not at school, and Stephanie realizes that his father had hurt him again. Danny is mad at Michelle after he discovers the phone calls from his bills and punishes Michelle by having her go to bed an hour earlier for a week. After school, Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jesse, who calls the city and has Charles put into a foster family home away from his father. Stephanie feels guilty at first about Charles being separated from his father, but then she realizes that telling an adult was the right thing to do, and starts to appreciate her own father.

"Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur"
February 23, 1993

Danny and Jesse chaperones Michelle's class trip to the museum, but Jesse is unable to keep discipline in his group of kids, leading to terrible events. Meanwhile, Stephanie accidentally gives one of Joey's valuable baseball cards to Steve.

"Subterranean Graduation Blues"
March 2, 1993

On the way to his high school graduation, Jesse and the family get stuck on the subway. Again, Kimmy babysits the twins, with disastrous results again, involving finger paint.

"Grand Gift Auto"
March 16, 1993

Joey gets D.J. a 1977 Pontiac Firebird for her 16th birthday, but later, it is revealed that Joey did not get a pink slip showing that he bought the car, making the police officer believe that he stole it. The way the family handles it doesn't make him feel any better and he considers leaving. Can they convince him to stay?

"Room for One More?"
April 6, 1993

Jesse tries to prove to Becky that they can have another baby, despite their busy lives, and the responsibilities of taking care of Nicky and Alex. But it turns out to be a disaster when Stephanie and Michelle care for a neighbor's pig, Nicky has a cold, Joey gets rollerblade injuries, and Becky gets a new weekend job.

"Prom Night"
May 4, 1993

D.J. and Steve go to the prom, where Steve and his ex-girlfriend are announced as "King" and "Queen" of the prom. Meanwhile, Danny feels intimidated when he finds out Vicky is older and stronger than him.

"The House Meets the Mouse (Part 1)"
May 11, 1993

When Jesse is sent to Walt Disney World, he brings Becky for their anniversary, however, the Tanners get to go too. While there, Joey goes to Disney's Hollywood Studios, meets animator Mark Henn (appearing as himself) and draws an animation of himself, which comes to life. Jesse must work instead of spending time with Becky. Danny keeps trying to propose to Vicky. And D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie and Michelle find an attraction where the first person to "make the genie appear" by rubbing a "magic lamp" gets three wishes. Michelle cuts in front of Stephanie and gets the three wishes. She uses her first on to ride anything with no lines. They then ride the carousel over six times and Michelle will not let them ride anything else. When Michelle overhears the other girls' conversation about how bossy she's getting, she runs away. Meanwhile, D.J. sees Steve in everyone, including Prince Charming, Mary Poppins, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and Aladdin (who was also voiced by Scott Weinger in the 1992 movie).

"The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)"
May 18, 1993

Michelle uses her second wish to have a tea party. Jesse and Joey do their report underwater in a diving bell. However, Joey is afraid to go back up when he sees a shark, which causes Jesse to miss his picnic with Becky. Much to Stephanie's annoyance, Michelle, after running away, gets in trouble but still gets to have her tea party. When they go see the Indian Jones Stunt Show, Danny reveals that he has found an uninterrupted way to propose to Vicky. After the show, Stephanie asks to go back to the hotel because she "isn't feeling well". Stephanie also says under her breath that her day wasn't as big as Michelle's and Michelle hears this. While D.J. and Kimmy are at the hotel, they see Steve there checking in, and says he could not stand to be away from D.J. Michelle does the right thing and uses her third wish to give Stephanie her "Princess of the Day" title. The whole family then ride on the main float with Mickey Mouse. They all then go to Jesse's concert and he dedicates "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" to Becky. As the fireworks go into the sky, one reads "Vicky, will you marry me?" and Vicky says "yes".