Pamela Tanner
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 30 (season 2; home movie)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Danny Tanner (husband)
D.J. Tanner (daughter)
Stephanie Tanner (daughter)
Michelle Tanner (daughter)
Jesse Katsopolis (brother)
Garret Gerlich (son in law)
Series Information
First appearance: Goodbye Mr. Bear
(home movie)
Last appearance: Goodbye Mr. Bear
Portrayer: Christie Houser (1987)
Pamela Katsopolis-Tanner (1959–1987, portrayed by Christie Houser)

Summary Edit

The late Pamela Katsopolis-Tanner (1959–1987, portrayed by Christie Houser), is Danny's wife, Jesse's sister, and the mother of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle, who was an unseen character, except in the form of a home video shot when she and Danny brought Michelle home from the hospital in the season two episode "Goodbye Mr. Bear". She was killed by a drunk driver in an accident before the start of the series (according to D.J. in the eighth season episode "Under the Influence"). She has been described as traits her children have: always smiling (Michelle), full of energy (Stephanie), and always did her best at everything (D.J.).