Our Very First Night
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired September 25, 1987
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"Our Very First Show"
"The First Day of School"
Our Very First Night is the 2 episodes of Full House it aired on September 25, 1987


When the guys are all leaving at one time Danny explains that there has to be at least one adult in the house while the kids are there. Jesse is stuck being the adult that has to stay with the kids. While Danny is at work and Joey is doing his comedy slot Jesse decides to have his band practice at the house. Stephanie and D.J. think Jesse is the easy one to trick, so they try to take advantage of him by ordering a pizza, eating sweets late, partying with the band, and even asking a band member to dye their hair purple. Joey comes home from doing his comedy and joins in on the fun.Then, Danny comes home from work, and doesn't find the whole situation amusing. He begins to yell at D.J. and Stephanie. Before D.J. can explain, Jesse cuts her off and lies to Danny, taking the blame. After his rant, Danny realizes that Jesse doesn't know a whole lot about raising kids, and he needs to teach some parenting tricks. However, Stephanie and D.J. refuse to see their uncle in trouble, so they tell Danny the truth, and offer him the last slice of the pizza.



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Jesse: Aren't you supposed to be in bed, dreaming about Tweety Bird or Big Bird or Larry Bird or something?
Jesse: Now you can have ice cream and chocolate milk, no cookies.
(D.J. and Stephanie are about to have their pizza)
Jesse: It's almost midnight, you guys listen to two, three songs match and each a pie, then straight to bed, no nonsense. 
Stephanie: Boy are you strict!