Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)
Season 8, Episode 24
First Aired May 23, 1995
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"Michelle Rides Again (Part 1)"
Michelle gets amnesia after suffering a concussion from a fall and cannot remember who she is or who her family is. Everyone tries different things to get Michelle to remember who she is, but nothing works. Stephanie's play partner, Andrew, kisses her after finding out that she has a crush on him and Kimmy has arranged for her boyfriend's cousin to be D.J.'s prom date. Towards the end, Michelle gets her memory back and everyone is overjoyed to find this out. Michelle has no memory of the accident and asks why everyone is so happy. D.J. explains that she hit her head after falling off her horse and Becky says that Michelle could not remember anything about who she was or anyone else. Michelle tells everyone that she could never forget them because they are her family, which Danny is happy to hear. Kimmy arrives and tells D.J. that her date could not make it. D.J. is disappointed that she will miss the prom, but Kimmy tells her that she found another date for her in and Steve (Scott Weinger) walks in the door. D.J. is happy to see him and they hug and tell each other they have been missed and share a kiss. The family greets Steve and Michelle asks Jesse how out of it she was. Jesse tells her that she was pretty of out it and that it was like a part of her was missing so then a part of all of them was, but that they got through it. Danny picks up Michelle and says "Just like we always will" as the episode ends.

Note: In the original airing, during the end credits, the main cast members gave their finalcurtain call. Then, the words "Our Thanks, Our Love" appeared on the screen.